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Missing teeth can cause stress and discomfort, as well as limit your abilities to perform basic functions such as chewing and speaking. Affordable dentures are a great alternative for people who want to repair missing teeth and regain their smile’s complete appearance and function.

Some dental patients who’ve had many tooth extractions, choose the dentures to maintain not only their wellness but also their grins, speech, and capability to eat food properly. The issue is that economical dentures aren’t always simple to come by.

Pure Dental Smiles provides low-cost complete and partial dentures to meet the needs of our clientele. To meet your specific needs, our specialists can supply standard and same-day dentures. Experienced dentists can also adapt your existing dentures to fit on implant placement. At Pure Dental Smiles, we know how essential it is for you to be happy with your dentures because you will be using them every day for a long time. 


Dentures are artificial teeth that are employed to replace lost ones. Individuals who are lacking a couple of teeth in a concentrated location may benefit from a partial denture. Tiny metallic clasps are used to keep these dentures in position. A whole array of teeth can be replaced with a full denture. Full dentures are usually replaceable and secured by dental glue and organic pressure. Implant-supported dentures are firmly attached to implant placement. We recognize that individuals may have varying levels of missing teeth, thus we provide a variety of denture choices.


Before we get into the aspects that will influence your purchasing decision, let’s clarify one thing: Having “cheap” dentures isn’t just about looking for affordable denture pricing. You can have your dentures placed by a veteran, experienced dental professional and receive high-quality dentures at a low cost. Affordable dentures refer to the value you get for your money, and you can acquire well-made, well-fitting dentures without spending thousands of dollars. But on the other side, cheap dentures relate to both the condition and the price of the dentures. If you choose cheap dentures, the dentures actually are usually inexpensive, but care and regular relining wind up owing you more than that in the long term (refitting). You will most likely be in pain for days or even weeks.


Dentures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following are few types of Dentures

Partial dentures

If a person still has lost most of his teeth but only a few molars are left in the upper and lower jaw, he may face some complexities while chewing. The dentist may recommend partial dentures in this particular condition. A tiny pink foundation is linked to a metal object in the partial dentures. These two components keep the denture in position. Such dentures are incredibly simple to use and may be taken out at any time. The other natural teeth are kept in place by partial dentures, which prevent them from shifting or moving.

Complete full dentures

For patients who have lost all of their teeth in some accident, complete full dentures are mostly prescribed. This type of denture is used to restore all of the teeth in the person’s jaw. These are designed to be worn over the gums. Complete dentures are obtained in weeks of the last tooth being extracted and placed 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth were extracted.

Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are indeed a type of partial denture, however, they are comprised of components that are distinct from those used in traditional partial dentures. In contrast to the heavier, stiffer acrylic utilized in full dentures, generally flexible dentures are comprised of a thinner thermoplastic like nylon. These may be more comfortable and supportive than conventional detachable partials, particularly if you’re still getting used to having dentures. Because flexible dentures do not contain any metal components, they appear and seem more realistic.




Increasing one’s self-assurance

The first thing individuals observe about you is your smiling face. Without even a decent grin, your self-esteem suffers, and your social circle suffers as a result. All of these issues can be addressed with dentures. Dentures can restore your grin and, in most situations, make it even better than it was before you lost your teeth.

Dental restoration costs can be kept under control

Dentures are also less expensive than traditional treatments. They come in a variety of styles and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. There are full dentures that can be worn if all of the teeth have been lost, as well as partial dentures that can be obtained when only a few teeth have been lost. As a result, it is extremely cost-effective.

A higher standard of living

Chewing and speech become more difficult as a result of losing teeth. It may also generate disappointments because simple tasks such as chewing, cutting, and speaking are overlooked, so when they demand a lot of work on your side, it can be discouraging. Affordable dentures will assist you with eating normally as well as speech, removing little irritations from your lifestyle, and allowing for greater changes within your surroundings.


If you are looking for a reliable teeth implant service in Coconut Creek, Pure dental Smile is the place to go if you’re seeking affordable dentures. People can take advantage of our instructional practice’s discounted costs without losing the highest standard and comfort in dental supports and treatment.

We also provide dental implants in addition to orthodontic treatment. Our experts will assist you to determine whether your desired treatment is covered by dental insurance or whether a dental payment plan is required.

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Fill out the form below and a dental professional will get back to you within 15 minutes.